Dil Da Mamla Hai | 1980 | Gurdas Maan | First Ever Performance on TV

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Internationally renowned Punjabi icon, Gurdas Maan First Ever TV Performance - Dil Da Mamla Hai aired on Doordarshan on 31st December 1980 - Watch it Here!

As we have named this month Gurdas Maan Month here at we bring you the second of the installment of throwback tracks from Maan saab.

Dil da mamla hai - Dil da mamla hai

Kuch te karo sajjan

Tauba khuda de vaste, kuch te daro sajjan

Dil da mamla hai - Dil da mamla hai

Gurdas Maan's Dil Da Mamla Hai performance in 1980 was his first ever television appearance. The appearance sent shockwaves all around the world and Gurdas has never looked back since.

The vocals in the video were unbelievable and not like any heard anywhere else before, the sheer talent that Gurdas Maan has amazes us every time we're able to hear him in a track, perform live in front of us and even when we watch him on television.

Often credited for taking Punjabi folk to the global stage, he was one of the first singers who blended traditional Sufi tunes with popular music, making it a huge rage with the youth today.

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