Rupinder Handa - Parwah Ni Karidi (Out Soon)

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Female Punjabi artist Rupinder Handa that her next track 'Parwah Ni Karidi will be releasing soon and feature music from Arpan Bawa and lyrics from Happy Bandala.

Rupinder's work as of late includes a track in the film 'Punjab Singh' which starred Gurjind Mann, Sarthi K and many more. The track was titled 'Ek Teri Naa Ton' and it was released this past January. She then followed that up with the romantic Bhangra track 'Jodiyan' which did very well and her brand new track 'Cheatingan' which she released just last month is one of the top tracks in the world at the moment. "Pyar Vich Cheatingan Ni Changiya"

You can check Rupinder Handa's brand new track 'Cheatingan' below

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