Silinder Pardesi releases Ek Onkar (God Is One)

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After two years in the making, Silinder Pardesi is back with a new religious Shabad Gurbani album titled ‘Ek Onkar (God Is One)’.

The album is the follow up album to Silinder Pardesi’s previously highly acclaimed religious album Mitter Pyare Noo which was released back in 1994. The album captures the unique sound from one of the UK’s leading vocalists and is sanctified with his unparalleled vocal talent.


The album is available on iTunes and in all leading music outlets.

The album features twelve Shabad’s from the Gurbani, along with one educational track featuring the names of the ten guru’s. ‘Ek Onkar’. Watch out for the ‘Ek Onkar’ video featuring musical students from various institutions in the UK.

Even if one sole (after listening to the ‘Ek Onkar’ album) recites the name of ‘waheguru’ and if we can help one person around the world to have a better quality of life through donations made from the profits from the sales of the ‘Ek Onkar’ album through the charity organisations below we feel that we have accomplished our goals and wishes.

Punjab free eye and general hospital charity trust (UK Charity No: 298448), Divine Onkar Mission (UK Charity No: 1074527) and Roko Cancer (UK Charity No: 1088603).

For biography and further information on Silinder Pardesi please visit

Ek Onkar (God Is One) - Shabad Gurbani - Silinder Pardesi


Harmeet Rekhi
+2 #9 Harmeet Rekhi 2011-12-20 20:36
I agree with Jas Johal. Well said
Ramneak Virdee
0 #8 Ramneak Virdee 2011-12-20 20:35
Love the song and video
0 #7 india223 2011-12-20 20:32
Can everyone just grow up. Stop hatin on Silinder over a beard - its pathetic. The video is awesome - good on him. My kids love it. Fantastic voice and video.
+2 #6 singh100.1 2011-12-20 20:28
This song is wonderful. I think he is just trying to make shabad’s more recognised in the uk to a wider audience, which most artists don’t do! There are thousands of Sikhs in the UK without beards, who have cut their hair! At least he has kept his paag!
Jas Johal
+2 #5 Jas Johal 2011-12-20 19:31
Silinder has always looked like that. I have just downloaded the album from iTunes and it is really good. Their are several sardars in the video as well as music students and to be honest I think its good Silinder is in the video for who he is. If you look in comparison to Silinders other videos in this video he has more beard than in any other. Sikhism sees everyone as equals so we should see this album in a positive light and give credits where due, not judge it on how a person looks.
the punjab
+1 #4 the punjab 2011-12-18 14:54
but gotta say lovin the voice and the kirtan... really enjoyin it maybe if he had a proper sardar to lip sing it and he can also feature in it, would be better...
the punjab
+1 #3 the punjab 2011-12-18 14:51
eggactly lol atleast grow a decent beard so it doesn't look odd i am also trimmed beard but this guy looks like a clown with a pagg and clean shaved face...
-1 #2 Hmm 2011-12-18 09:07
I'm clean shaved as well, so i'm not trying to pretend i'm an angel or anything.
But it seems like that Silinder made sure to be "extra clean shaved" on the sides of his face to be in the video, at least grow a beard for a day to two to be in the video.

Wife: Honey, are you getting ready to feature on that sikh religious video?

Silinder: Yes dear, just hold on for a while. Need to clean shave myself on the sides, you know, must look fancy :-)
the punjab
+2 #1 the punjab 2011-12-18 06:43
dude seriously? wid that face wut u gonna teach about sikhi.. no offense to his singing...

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