Introducing Gurpsy Kaur with her debut single Jatti Ne Phatte Chakkne

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Unique Studios Presents ... New Homegrown talent GURPSY KAUR. A fresh British female punjabi vocalist hailing from the streets of Wolverhampton. A sweet soulful voice mixed with Desi Beats & UK talent combined in one.

Her debut single "Jatti Ne Phatte Chakne" lyrics penned by UK's very own Sanj Megholwalia (singer / writer) who's lyrics have introduced the likes of Banger & Jaswinder Jassi Patandra, PBN Fitteh Moh Tere, Amar Arshi & Shin DCS to name a few.

The song is a family friendly punjabi dance track made to spin out to all the DJs, Panjabi audience, The chorus will defnitely get the ladies up on the dance-foor, singing and dancing along to the female empowering lyrics. Girl Power!

Gurpsy announced: "It's a pleasure to be working alongside Unique Studios , I can't wait for everyone to hear the song that we've put so much hard work , dedication and effort into. Look forward to seeing all you guys out there very soon.”


0 #1 RE: Introducing Gurpsy Kaur with her debut single Jatti Ne Phatte Chakknechinajatt 2017-02-14 08:33
music and lyrics are decent but th singers punjabi is weak should of learnt more or got a ustad would made it better

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