Shinda Multani ft Rupin Kahlon - Rog (Video)

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Trendz Music present Shinda Multani latest track titled 'Rog' coming off the album titled 'Folk Addiction 2' - check out the full video here. The music has been produced by Rupin Kahlon .


Music - Rupin Kahlon

Album - Folk Addiction 2

Producer - Sabi Sahota

Video - Sukh Sanghera

Label - Trendz Music


+2 #3 Hedonistic 2013-02-17 08:48
Shouldnt this be Rupin Kahlon ft. Shinda Multani since it's a RK track off his album? Just sayin
+3 #2 Tractor_Bro 2013-02-17 00:34
Sum of the tracks on Folk Addiction 2 are sick but the Manjit Pappu one is better
+1 #1 Weeman 2013-02-13 21:41
Besides too many voice-effects on his voice his attempt of Challa was not bad at all.

I liked the Challa track. He seems to be influenced by Gurdas Mann a lot or maybe his disciple? Judged by the many Youtube videos of his he got a similar (but not at the same level) style to Gurdas mann.

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