Introducing DJ BaLLi

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dj balli

17 and from New Delhi, India, DJ BaLLi started his music career in 2005 and rose to undefined heights in no matter of time.

He entered the music industry with a storm by releasing his first underground album "Dhol Phenomenon" in Oct 06 which received appreciation from everyone. Then in February’07 he released his next UG album "Project Bhangra" for which also he was applauded.

Getting immense inspiration from this and undeterred, he worked on his next venture "Undisputed Vibes", which released in September’ 07 and was a chart-buster!

Many believed he had set a benchmark for himself and many others aspiring to get a break into the diverse world of music. His much awaited album “The Sound Lab” releases on 1st July’09 all over. Currently working with a rapper for his debut album, he is focusing on progression in mainstream and simultaneously working on his remixes.

dj balli

His “Na Roko-Remix” was played on a world wide radio and has also been featured in various Brit-Asian Music websites.

DJ BaLLi feels that these small achievements boost an artist’s confidence and inspire him to work towards achieving laurels.

“My music style is not stereotyped because when I am working on a particular project I forget everything else and focus just on creating a sound which has never been heard before, and I feel that this makes me different from rest of them. I particularly like making basslines which give my tracks a distinct sound and when a music-lover hears that piece, it is first thing he notices”

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balli da peyo
-13 #2 balliballi da peyo 2009-07-22 00:56
salea balli phencho salea dj banreya firda othe tera peyo phencho,fuukin releae gay ass m'fuka shit eva phencho beats slap slap kare jande phenhcho..balli jerha bhi tu hagha bund ch leh lah salea gajjaran de mulli n stop mixin go n learn firs tden do somtih. ok
Sandhya C
+9 #1 WHateveRSandhya C 2009-07-02 17:12
Balli u're soooo friggin amazing! way to go

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