Jaz Dhami ft. Kanika Kapoor, Shortie - Kurti Mal Mal Di (Video)

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Jaz Dhami joins forces with Kanika Kapoor to revive a Panjabi classic.

The two singers are working together for the first time, and its a duet that truly packs a punch.

Music producers Tigerstyle have merged the traditional lyrics with a seriously catchy beat. To further enhance the party vibes, Rapper Shortie has also dropped some bars on this modern remake.

This track seamlessly brings together two very different eras of music, Kurti Mal Mal Di was originally released around half a century ago by now legends, Mohammad Sadiq and Ranjit Kaur. Jaz Dhami and Kanika Kapoor have injected a youthful energy into the song that is sure to be on every Panjabi party playlist.

Kurti Mal Mal Di is the second release from Jaz Dhamis second album, Pieces of Me.

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